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The Vertical Eco Garden

The Vertical Eco Garden™ is revolutionizing the world of gardening.   No more digging, weeding or bending! The compact, flexible Vertical Eco Garden™ can transform almost any vertical surface curved, flat or contoured into a beautiful, productive garden for your herbs, vegetables and flowers

The secret to producing healthy, high yielding plants is our patented, two-chamber design that provides an optimal growing environment and fosters strong, stable roots. The geo- synthetic fabric holds plants and soil securely while helping to maintain a consistent soil temperature and moisture level. The Vertical Eco Garden™ comes with a drip irrigation system that connects to your garden hose or rain barrel. 

The Vertical Eco Garden™ is ideal for gardeners with limited space, challenging growing conditions, drought-prone climates, areas with poor soil, urban settings, condos, decks, or pool yards.

 You’ll be amazed at what you can grow while conserving water, space, time and effort.

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