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Commercial Indoor Urban Garden Farming Profits

By January 31, 2019 No Comments

Commercial Indoor Urban Garden Farming profits will have to keep up with rising utility costs. Air Freight Shipping FRESH non seasonal cost will also increase. The only non inflationary energy source is the sun. Facilitating growing  specialty produce / product  Outdoors in Midwest to Northern zones has potential. So, sweet Italian frying peppers cost 3,00 ea in the Big city. One garden can produce over 100 peppers. Midwest outdoor gardening starts in June, goes to Sept. that season is extended by 3 months moving plants indoors for frost protection. The Vertical Eco Gardens can be utilized to tap into this non inflammatory energy source and extended outdoor growing time by its gardens being moved on mobile stands indoors. For commercial growers, who grow cannabis for instance, this could mean lowering costs significantly for these three extra months of natural light and conditions. Everyone has to compete in the market, and lower overhead means a reduction in product cost or an increase in profit margins. Using the sun produces better product at a lower cost.

Check out the details in our patent!  US9210846