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Dwarfed Autoflower strains will grow in cold temperatures!

By November 4, 2019 No Comments

Roots have penetratingly grown into the root zone and the plants are headed for a bountiful yeild!

Although growing a bit more slowly in colder temps, the Compact Bush variety Autoflower strains Will Grow!

They grow exceptionally well for this time of year with natural sunlight during the day and supplemental lighting at night. The Vertical Eco Garden makes this transition possible and simple! This potentially saves Big $$ on utilities during daylight hours for up to 6 weeks before and after the optimal outdoor growing season.

When the roots are forced to grow through the layer of geotextile between the pocket and the root-zone of the V.E.G. the plant puts more energy into root growth vs. top growth. This also signals adversity in the plant and causes it to produce more fruits, in this case buds. Currently these plants are showing more rapid growth and size. That indicates the roots are now in that zone. So, we stress a quicker turn around of more buds and tops than a stem and lower leaves ration per all plant material. This also comes at a much lower cost.