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Low Flyer Parent

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 Low Flyer Ruderalis Dominant strain pollinated with Indica/Sativa Autoflower

The Low Flyer parent!

The ideal VEG strain! After the much involved and intensive cross breeding process… the compact bush variety strain is healthy and perfect for the VEG!

Low Start-Up, Low Overhead, High Yield Cannabis Grow!

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The dense yields from these Low Flyer dwarfed plants, and Carmelicious grown in our VEG have been Amazing!

Planting so late in the season was a concern…

But these strains of plants and this system are IDEAL for Northern zone growing.

Considering the: low initial cost, little amount of space we needed, low utility bill (Thanks Sun!), and much less than average labor involved, the process and high yields with the VEG have been sweet!

The buds forming so close to the soil was an unexpected delight!

Plant waste, or an inefficient use of growing space can often be a problem…

Having more usable product and less leaves and stems is a huge plus for these Low Flyer ( Crop King Seeds ) dwarfed auto-flower plants we grew with Absolute Success in our VEG. Oh, we planted them in October btw.

Continuous Growth!

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Our Carmelicious plants, a strain by MSNL, has continued to grow!

They are almost 4ft in height. Although a supposed “dwarfed” strain which is generally 2-3ft tall and starts budding in 8 wks, we have still seen growth over 4ft and no buds after 90 days now.

They are getting plenty of light and nourishment, as well as CO2. Wondering if the late season start is having an effect on the flowering process?!

Success in Late Season Grow!

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They are all grown up! 

These beautiful flowering plants were started in October in Michigan! They spent time outdoors during sunlight hours and managed to grow up healthy. Mostly under lights now that it is below freezing they are really showing some fantastic buds.

The “Lower Flower” strain is dwarfed and will be perfect for the 25 pocket Vertical Eco Garden.