tools_blk_trans_1The Vertical Eco Garden™ is ideal for gardeners with limited space and/or challenging growing conditions, like drought-prone climates, areas with poor soil, urban settings, decks or small yards. No more digging, weeding or bending – the vertical garden concept eliminates the hassles of traditional gardening. This lets you, concentrate on the many enjoyable aspects of gardening leaving the backache behind.

The Vertical Eco Garden™ is much more than your standard vertical garden. By applying our patented technology that combines the mechanics of Geotextiles with scientifically-proven agricultural concepts in an innovative way, we are achieving significant success in growing healthy, beautiful vegetables in a smaller space with fewer resources. The Vertical Eco Garden™ two-chamber design provides for a strong #RootAnchorage system in an aerated potting soil for a more efficient use of water, soil and nutrients. This, in turn, produces a higher ratio of vegetables to leaves and stems of a plant. Similar technology has been used by fruit growers successfully for many years, allowing the farmer to grow around 750 trees per acre instead of 250 trees per acre. Smaller trees, with less leaves and wood (stems) but larger fruit, allows the trees to concentrate their resources more efficiently.

The Vertical Eco Garden™ revolutionizes vegetable growing and will potentially have a tremendous impact on society. Growing fresh vegetables will now be a possibility for many more people, where it was once not feasible.

Root Anchorage in a BioIntensive Root Zone.
The Vertical Eco Garden patented design requires roots to penetratingly grow through a layer of Geo-synthetic Material into a bio-intensive Root Zone. Heavy soil is not needed to provide plant stability. A more loose Aerated Bio-Intensive Growing Medium is used. The microbes in your Sustainable Potting Soil need air to produce Natural Organic Plant Food of Phosphorus and Root Growth Hormones. Instructions for making your own Bio-intensive Sustainable Potting Soil will be included.

Growing Bush Variety Vegetables Vertically in the Vertical Eco Garden will put more energy into yield VS climbing varieties. Feeding Vegetable Plants can be challenging. The Vertical Eco Garden achieves Bio-Intensive Gardening with a Balance of Aeration, Moisture Control and Organic Compost.

Organic Bio-Intensive Potting Soil and #AirRootPruning
When a root encounters air, it will prune itself and send out small side roots. The Geotextile Vertical Eco Garden facilitates Air Root Pruning and Bio-Intensive Incubation. This enables the plant to absorb more of the Natural Phosphorus and Root Growth Hormones that Bush Variety of Vegetable Plants Need for High Yield.

Water Utilization and Gardening In Arid Climates are Achieved by combining Coir (Soil-less Growing Medium) with Hydroponics. Water Distribution is achieved in two ways.

1. Placing Drip Irrigation at the top of each Vertical Root Zone, having 5 plants vertically arranged.
2. Utilizing Premium Coir to Resist Compaction, higher amounts of air and water are combined. Using Premium Coir Based Sustainable Potting Soil, The Vertical Eco Garden can absorb 12 gallons of water. Vegetable plants will Stall (stunted growth) in Soil Temperatures in excess of 85F. Vertical Eco Geo textile Gardens, Evaporation, along with plant shade and or Row Cover will help to Remove Heat. Bed gardens store heat through the night. Vertical Eco Geotextile Gardens use evaporation to reduce soil temperature.

Setting up your Vertical Eco Garden

Harvesting Your Vegetables

Just a few examples of the small space high yields we have grown.